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Screenprinting Process
Blank T-shirt The screenprinting process starts with decisions on design, color and apparel. Specific to your design, decisions will be made on how many colors will be printed.

Your design will be put into the computer and color-separated. One screen will be created for each color in your design. We create these screens by running each separation onto a transparency and then applying the transparency to a prepped screenprinting frame. The frame and transparency are placed into a special light table that exposes the design into the screen.

Prepping Ink on Screen      Colored ink is pressed over the screen into the shirt through the exposed area. All inks are heat-cured and each item is passed through a dryer for this purpose. Inks are available in all colors as well as metallic and "puff" inks.

Passing Ink Through Screen Shirt After Printing Shirt in Dryer

Please view our portfolio for examples of our quality work. For more information, visit our ordering information page or email us: screenprinting@goldsigns.com