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Sign Process
At Ocean Graphics, the sign process begin with you. We will meet with you to discuss the details of your personalized sign and the image you want it to convey.

Decisions are made regarding size, materials, carving, number of sides, colors, logos and any additional motifs. Your design is first set up on the computer to help you visualize the finished product. This can be a "while you wait" process or we can send you proofs. Additional sign riders, posts, and brackets are also included in the computer design.   Computer Image

Once finalized, the next step in the sign process depends on the type of sign. For carved signs, we hand-pick cedar boards and glue them to size. The boards are then sanded to a smooth finish. The sign blank is placed in the router where your design is carved. If any hand carving is needed, it is done at this time.

After carving, the board is hand-sanded and coated with polyurethane, followed by multiple prime and finish coats.

Glueing Boards Sign Router Signs

If your sign is to be guilded, these areas are then hand-painted with gold-sizing. When the sizing is set, thin leaves of 23 karat gold leaf are carefully applied and burnished to a brilliant shine.

Gold Size Gold Size Gold Leaf

Additional handpainting is then applied to borders, additional lettering, motifs, etc. Some signs also have schmaltz applied (crushed black glass that adds extra texture and dimension).

Additional Paint Schmaltz Additional Carved Motif

When the sign is complete, the appropriate hardware is attached for hanging. Ocean Graphics can install your sign for you, including any necessary sign posts, ornamental sign caps or brackets.

For our vinyl cut signs, your sign blank is prepped depending on the material used. MDO and wood boards receive multiple prime and finish coats; metal, plexi-glass and magnetic panels do not usually require any preparation beyond cleaning. Your sign design is then cut to order by color and transferred to a thin layout sheet. The cut letters are then carefully applied to the sign blank.

Vinyl Layout Vinyl Layout Vinyl Layout

Additional hand-brush work may also be applied at this time. As with our carved signs, we complete the package with any necessary hardware for hanging.

Please view our portfolio for examples of our quality work. For more information, visit our ordering information page or email us: signs@goldsigns.com